Holy Bagels bike business, Brussels

P1050165I’m living in Brussels, Belgium until June and researching bicycle cultures and workshops (links to our blog).
This an inventive use of bike technology, spotted in the Place Fagey market, Ixcelles (my pic second; first pic source https://leplusbelage.files.wordpress.com). The Holy Bagels rig consists of a cargo bike with a grill and a coffee machine, and a trailer on the back that contains a gas bottle for the grill. There are batteries to power the coffee machine. I see a hub motor on the back of the trailer too (probably not the ideal place for it). I did not see any gears, and I have not seen it in action, but here is a video and it gets towed since it must be a hard pedal. Good coffee and bagels from this mobile family business.

More discussion on another blog here (in french) and photos here.


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