I teach and research geography, environmental studies and international development at University of Melbourne, Australia. I was Professor of Political Ecology at Lancaster University UK, from 2017 – 2019. Plenty to say about the topics on this WordPress page.  I have made a modest contribution to understanding land degradation in drylands, village self-help and development efforts in West Africa, adaptation to drought, global political ecology (I edit the Journal of Political Ecology), land tenure debates and mining (East Timor and New Caledonia), and urban bicycle policies/politics. I have also moved between social and natural science, and the highs and lows of higher education institutions.*

My webpage with publications is here.

Originally from London in the UK, I’ve lived or worked in Australia, the US, UK, Denmark, Burkina Faso, France, Niger, New Caledonia, East Timor and in early 2015, Brussels, Belgium. I work with a marvellous group of PhD and Masters students from South America, West Africa, Canada, Russia, South-East Asia and Australia.

Blog is nothing to do with Lancaster Uni or the University of Melbourne, obviously. Pic was taken at Clark, where I did my PhD in the 1980s-90s. Freud actually taught there once, so they have a statue.


www.bikeworkshopsresearch.wordpress.com (current bike research)

*only person to have published in Geoderma (soil science journal) and Society and Space (social theory); and probably the only person to have taught geography at an Institute of Higher Education (community college/TAFE) and Oxford / LSE.


One response to “About

  1. Tony Lam

    I love your bike review between Birdy and Brompton.The only problem was I clicked on the blue letters to read about the 2 students that started the Birdy in a garage and it came back in Kraut, I do not read that language.
    I watched the Birdy since it started, yes they do have a marketing problem and they have to work on their prices. But as I get older, my tendency is to pick a motor assisted bike. One thing for sure, regardless of brands or types, what I do not like is everyone else seems to have the right of WEIGHT over you on the road. I am glad you came out of your argument with the truck better than others.That is why I stay away from motorcycles now. I admire TE Lawrence but I do not want to copy him that far. I do enjoy the right of weight, I drive a heavy truck for a living sometimes. Birdys are hard to find in stores in Toronto.

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